A Pregant Woman’s Liquid BFF


There are plenty of women that continue to drink coffee while pregnant.  A lot of OB’s will allow you to have 1 cup per day.  But if you check out what the American Pregnancy Association has to say about caffeine and pregnancy you will most likely want to steer clear of your daily cup of joe- http://americanpregnancy.org/pregnancyhealth/caffeine.html  It’s actually scary to read some of this stuff.  I knew that drinking caffeine makes you have to pee more frequently and who wants that when you already have to pee a lot when pregnant.  I also knew that it can dehydrate you, which seems counterproductive to the 5,000 cups of water per day you are supposed to consume (note to idiots: that’s an exaggeration not actual medical advise).   I also knew that caffeine crosses the placenta to your baby.  What I did not know is that studies on animals have shown caffeine could cause birth defects and premature labor.  I know animals and humans are not the same but there must be some correlation or scientists wouldn’t bother to use animals in their studies.  If that is something that you are willing to risk they drink away.  Personally, after 2 years, 5 cycles of IVF and spending over $30,000 I plan to follow everything by the book.  That morning coffee is not THAT important to me- or is it?

When I first found out I was pregnant giving up all the “bad stuff” was pretty easy.  But as the days went by I really missed my morning coffee.  It’s not even the caffeine that was missed- it was the ritual.  I enjoy searching thru my mugs and picking the one with the perfect sentiment for the day- “I Hate Mondays” or “Ask Someone Who Cares” or my favorite mug- a gigantic one with Eeyore on it.  I also missed the smell of coffee.  My brain was trained to instantly wake up from it.  I know decaf is always an option but did you know U.S. decaf guidelines only require something to be 97% caffeine free to be labeled as decaf?  When something still has 3% caffeine it should be called Decaf-ish.  Another lovely tidbit of info- the typical decaf process uses chemical solvents such as methylene chloride and ethyl acetate.  Yeah, words from your high school lab book- no thanks.  So what’s a preggo to do?  In walks Swiss Water Process.  In my internet search for an acceptable coffee/caffeine substitute I landed upon a website and heard the angels sing http://www.swisswater.com/consumer  Could this possibly be the answer to my coffee withdrawal prayers?  Swiss water process does NOT use chemicals AND wait for it…its 99.9% caffeine free- halle-freakin-lujah!!!  I put “swiss water process decaf coffee” on my Christmas list.  Come Christmas morning what did I find under my tree?  Nope, not a Red Ryder BB Gun but a box of Van Houtte Swiss Water Process kcups for my Keurig.  Again que angels singing.  I in my kerchief and Mike in his cap ran to the kitchen to make me a cup.  I was a little nervous to taste it at first.  I had so hyped up its invention that I was afraid it might disappoint.  Mike told me I better like it because it wasn’t cheap lol.  Gotta love the honesty!  It was great!  OK, not great as in the best coffee I’ve ever tasted but it far exceeded the taste of other decafs I’ve had.  And it’s not the crap Sanka my grandparents drink.   It wasn’t bitter and it didn’t have an after taste.  I’m sure I could pass it off as full throttle caffeine if I wanted to.  Just like in college when we used to give non-alcoholic beer to girls to see how “wasted” and slutty they got.

Mike was right- it’s not as cheap as regular kcup coffee but you get what you pay for.  I’m sure it takes a lot of elves to run it through that swiss water process.   For a while I was buying it on Amazon but it seems like the prices are a little all over the place and not consistent (supply and demand?).  Not to mention that you don’t always get it shipped to you when you need it.  I’ve found myself just as addicted to my decaf coffee as I was to my caffeinated coffee.   Which again demonstrates its more of the ritual for me than the substance.   Most recently I found it on Keurig’s website.  I’m not sure why I didn’t just go there first- duh!  On their site you get 24 kcups for $16.49.  It’s slightly cheaper if you become a member but I’m not sure what that entails.  Plus if you spend a certain amount you get free shipping (of course Ms Thrifty did just that).

So that’s my very long blog about my new Best Friend Forever (or at least until I give birth and stop breastfeeding).

2 thoughts on “A Pregant Woman’s Liquid BFF

  1. Love the personality and tone.y sister drank 1-4 cups of coffee while pregnant with all 4 of her kids. No problems as she was avoiding booze and sugar and she stayed active with walks

  2. Urth caffe has an amazing decaf called World Peace. It tastes as good as caffeinated coffee is water process decaf and organic.

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