All Stitched Up And Nowhere To Go

All Stitched Up And Nowhere To Go

on January 15, 2014


I had my cervical cerclage yesterday.  It didn’t suck as bad as I thought it would although I am very, very sore today.

I had to be there at 6:15 am.  They did the typical pre-op check in process:  make me wear a stupid outfit, ask me the same questions over and over again, put in an IV, etc.  At 7:30 am (right on schedule) they walked me back to the OR.  I sat up on the table bent over a tray with a pillow on it and holding the nurse’s hand while the anesthesiologist walked me thru each step of what he was doing.  They would be giving me a spinal block instead of general anesthesia because its much safer for the baby.  He told me the medicine in the spinal block would not reach the baby.   Really I didn’t care what they had to do to me as long as my kid was going to be safe.  It’s amazing how quickly those Mama Bear instincts kick in (genetic link or not).  He was only totally numbing from my belly button to my knees.  He said in a c-section they generally numb it all but he knew I would want to get home as soon as possible and this method would allow me to walk sooner.  First he felt where my hip bones were and then followed his finger to the middle of my back.  He push his thumb nail into my back so it would leave a little indent where he wanted to put the needle.  Then he wiped my back down with iodine 3 times.  He told me I would feel a pinch from the first needle- that was the local to numb that area.  It really was just a pinch- nothing more.  It was kinda like a bee sting with a little burning.  Honestly the PIO shots suck more and the IV hurt more as well.  Next he was putting in the needle with the medication in it to numb me.  I didn’t feel any pain from that needle but I did feel a lot of pressure like someone was pushing on my spine.  Immediately I felt this weird sensation like water was being poured down my whole body.  He said it was all done and helped me lay down before I went totally numb.  My feet were tingly like when your foot falls asleep and its pins and needles.  That didn’t last long before they went totally numb.  The nurses put my feet in these little bags and then hooked the bags up to these stir up like dangly things.  Dr. Hux started his process and at first I got nervous because I could feel him touching me down there.  I was afraid the medicine wasn’t working.  The anesthesiologist assured me all was ok and that I would feel pulling and tugging but no pain.  Apparently Dr. Hux had totally wiped me down with cold fluid and I didn’t feel that so all was well.  The whole procedure took about 15 mins. from the time he cleaned me off to the time he was done.  I felt him the entire time and knew what he was doing every step of the way.  I felt him pulling on my uterus and cervix and I even felt the stitches going in and out but no pain at all.  The stitches wind in and out through my cervix and then are pulled closed.  This is the best picture I could find to demonstrate…


It kinda reminded me of Golden Nugget Gum that I used to chew when I was little.  It was little pieces of yellow gum nuggets and it came in a pouch that tied at the top.  I tried to think about everything baby related and my little nugget.  I knew if I focused on what they were doing that it would totally freak me out.  Even though I didn’t feel any pain the whole thought of the stitches being put in creeped me out.

Once Dr. Hux was done they cleaned me back up and transferred me to a stretcher.  He said my cervix looked great and was happy he did this now as a preventative measure rather than as an emergency.  He was able to get the stitch way up high so we have no worries and there should be no reason why it wouldn’t hold until we were ready to remove it- probably around 37 weeks.  They slapped a huge pad on me and wheeled me to pre-recovery.    Seriously the pad had to have been about 3 inches thick- no joke.  I opted not to have any pain medication because I refuse to take anything while pregnant.  The point of making me stay in pre-recover for a while was supposed to be to rest but I’m a total rubbernecker and there was no way I could rest while I could listen in on everyone’s conversations.  The girl next to me had a cerclage also.  She was 32 years old and just 10 weeks pregnant.  From what I could gather the cerclage was put in because she was at high risk for a lot of reasons including her weight.  She was a very big girl and I remember wondering where the baby was going to fit in all that.  She wanted every drug they would give her.  She also kept complaining that she was itchy and starving.  I was itchy too but mainly because the outfit they give you has a plastic lining.  It’s lined so they could blow warm air into it if you got cold.  But if you are sweaty they the plastic kinda sticks to you and makes you itchy.  If I was sweating I could only imagine how sweaty she was since she was already visibly sweating upon check in.  I can’t even imagine how she is going to feel when her stomach starts to get big(ger) the farther along she gets in her pregnancy.  I don’t know why people don’t get fit before they get pregnant.  I feel that if they don’t care enough to take care of themselves how are they going to take care of a baby?  But that’s a whole other topic.  She asked for coffee and a pop tart go figure.

I had to stay in the pre-recovery section until I had enough feeling in my feet and legs to stand.  They put a pair of sexy cheese cloth material disposable boxer briefs on me and changed my pad.  Talk about totally humiliating lol.  I was then transferred into a recliner chair and wheeled over to the last stage of recovery.  Not being able to move your body is the weirdest feeling.  I was trying to “will” my legs to move but they wouldn’t- its a totally freaky experience.  I made my way via reclining chariot to the next room where Mike was waiting for me.  They gave me some juice and brought over a basket of snacks (granola bars, crackers and sugar cookies- looks like all the pop tarts were missing).  I had to stay there until I could walk around.  The nurse helped me to the bathroom because they wanted to make sure I could pee before I left.  By this time I could feel my legs and feet although I could only walk a short distance because parts of my feet and legs were still numb.  My butt and vagina area were still totally numb.  When I got to the bathroom I realized I had peed my pad lol.  Now I know why it’s so thick- thank God.  I went back to my curtained off section and told the nurse that I peed myself.  She gave me a new pad and I changed it right there.  Mike saw my cheese cloth underwear and pee soaked pad and said “that’s hot” lol.  You gotta love that man.  I was cracking up the whole time and wanted him to take a picture but he wouldn’t.  We went home and I rested on the couch for the rest of the day while my man slave catered to me.  I can’t go back to work until Friday.

On Monday after my pre-op blood tests I went over to Dr. Hux and did the blood work for the Harmony test.  They will call with the results in 7-10 days.  I’m feeling boy but who knows.  My next appointment with Dr. Hux is next Thurs.  I hate having to wait over a week to see our punkin- I’ve been spoiled by weekly ultrasounds with Doogie.

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