Ode to Oz

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Yesterday we had to say goodbye to our little buddy Oz.  Last week he was limping so we brought him to the vet thinking his Lyme’s disease was acting up.  The vet did tons of tests and blood work and couldn’t find anything wrong with him so sent us home with an anti-inflammatory/pain killer in case he sprained his leg or bruised a muscle.  He was fine for a few days and the limping improved.  He still whined and cried a lot but he always does that.  He’s like Rainman and very quirky about things.  I just thought he didn’t like his new routine of having to take medicine.

Monday, March 31 he was acting really weird and distant.  He didn’t even get out of his bed to greet Mike when he came home from work.  We knew then that something was terribly wrong.   Tuesday, April 1st (yup our pup was always the joker) he had a really tough time walking and holding his head up.  Mike took him back to our regular vet.  At first they thought he had hurt his neck but the longer they spent with him they started thinking it was neurological.  They had Mike rush him to a specialist. He stayed at the hospital for 2 days so they could run more tests and monitor him.  He was clearly in terrible pain so they tried keeping him doped up on drugs.  He must have been so scared because he hates not being home with us.  He has a mental breakdown if he doesn’t have his bed and his bone.  He doesn’t even like to go outside- always the lazy one.  We were all hoping for it to be a herniated disc, which would be treatable.  Yesterday’s MRI results showed tumors in his spine.  The vet said it was not treatable and, since he was in horrible pain, the best thing to do would be to end his suffering.

Oz was a true testament to the pit bull breed and how loving and kind they really are.  Anyone who ever met him instantly fell in love with him and changed their mind about pits.  He was such a unique soul.  Even the vet cried and said he had gotten so attached to him in 2 days.  He called him a “spectacular beast”.

I’m struggling to find the meaning behind why this happened and especially with me being 6 months pregnant.  We’ve been through so much already and are finally happy.  I guess this is God’s way of reminding us to keep our blessings in check.  I’m trying to hold it together so I don’t stress the baby.  We were really looking forward to Oz being able to play with Jackson.  I know they would have been best friends.

Oz you were my 1st little boy and will always have a special place in my heart.  You’ve touched so many lives and I’m honored to have been your mommy.  Rest in peace my little buddy!

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