Glucose, A Dog And A Monkey


I had to be at Labcorp at 7am this morning for my 1 hour glucose test.   I was given the option of flavors- Poo (orange) or Poop (fruit punch).  I chose Poo.  The first sip wasn’t that bad although I would advise to brush your teeth a few hours before you take the test.  If you’ve ever brushed your teeth and then drank orange juice immediately after you will know what I mean.  After the first few sips I started to feel nauseous.  That Poo is WAY too sugary for me.  Some of you southerners who drink sweet tea might actually like this but it’s not MY cup of tea.

I sat there in the waiting room for the required 1 hour catching up on Facebook and trying not to fall asleep.   I actually stumbled across a dog on FB that I fell in love with.  His story reminds us so much of Oz.  Of course we already put in an application for him and are making plans to go meet him.  Yeah, I know we are nuts but check out how cute he is…


After the hour was up I went in the back for blood work.  OK, after 2 years and 5 IVF cycles I’m obviously no stranger to needles but that needle hurt like hell.  It also seemed twice as thick as usual.  I could feel her pulling it out and then it kept bleeding and bleeding and bleeding.  I know, cry me a river, wahhhh!!!!  Let’s hope I pass this test.  Gestational Diabetes would really suck.

On a happy note, yesterday we had another Dr Hux appointment.  We brought my mom with us since she has never seen an US live and in person- just the pictures I share with her.  She cried- of course- but who wouldn’t.  I know this kid doesn’t have my genes but I must say I do incubate a pretty cute kid…


He was weighing in at 2 lbs., 10 oz which is slightly big for 26 weeks but everything is still looking perfect with him.  He is such a little monkey though.  He moves non-stop.  Sometimes I feel like he’s creating cave drawings on the inside of my uterus.  He has very long legs- he was able to lift them over his head and his toes reached slightly past his head.  Perhaps he will one day perform for Cirque du Soleil?  He was also playing with his toes- yes once again over his head.  I sense I’m going to have my hands full with this one.

That’s all I have to report for now.  I hope everyone has a Happy Thumper Day!


One thought on “Glucose, A Dog And A Monkey

  1. I’m from tx, and even I thought the poo was too sweet lol. I had orange as well, reminded me of wayyyy too sweet kool aid. Glad your little one is still doing well, and he is definitely already a cutie!

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