When It Rains It Pours!

When It Rains It Pours!

on April 28, 2014


As if we haven’t had to deal with enough death lately- Mike’s dad died yesterday.  He had a sudden heart attack on Wed. and the paramedics had a hard time reviving him.  I guess there wasn’t enough oxygen getting to his brain because he was pretty much brain-dead by the time he got to the hospital.  It hadn’t been sick and there is no family history of heart disease.   He only had 1 artery that was 70% blocked, which when it comes to heart attacks isn’t that bad.  They put him on life support but there really was no hope of recovering.  We removed the life support yesterday and thankfully he died peacefully within minutes.  Honestly I feel like his soul left his body sometime on Wed or Thurs and it was just the machines keeping him “alive” these past few days.  I feel so bad for Mike- he can’t catch a break.

Jerry was sooooo excited to become a Pop Pop.  I’m heartbroken that our son will never get to know him.  I do take some comfort in knowing that Jax’s Pop Pop will make sure he gets to us safely and will continue to watch over him once he’s here.

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