Happy Happy Joy Joy


Any Ren and Stimpy fans out there?  Well I’m FINALLY posting some good news- YAY!!!!

Went to the OB today.   I’m 29 weeks, 4 days and Jackson is weighing in at 3 lbs, 11 oz and in the 71 percentile.  Doc is guessing he will be 8 lbs something when he is born but he won’t be able to say for sure until another 4-6 weeks.

Here is our little dude…

photo 1

He always seems to have his hand or a foot or an umbilical cord by his face- little monkey.  Apparently he is also a thumb sucker lol

photo 2

Here is my big belly


I’ve only gained 1 lb since my last appointment but then again so has he.  I’m up to 158 lbs- holy crap Batman!  Luckily it seems to be all boob and belly (and a little more butt).  Still no stretch marks but I have plenty of time for them to rear their ugly head.

This child is SUPER active all the time so life should be very “interesting” once he’s born.  Speaking of being born… I asked Dr. Hux today if he could delay removing my stitches until 38 weeks but no such luck- boooooo!  He said he prefers to do it at 36 weeks and is already pushing it to 37 for me.  He doesn’t want to wait until 38 weeks and risk my cervix stretching and ripping my stitches.  That would NOT be fun.  Since I have to be on bed rest for 7-10 after the stitches are removed I was very much hoping to wait until 38 weeks so I could just go out on maternity leave then.  Now I will most likely need to use vacation days for my bed rest and then come back for a week and then go out on maternity leave- double boooo!  My boss did however buy me a new laptop and printer so I can “work from home” while on leave- isn’t that nice of him lol.

I’m still dealing with constant reflux, even from water, and milk is now starting to not help relieve it.  My voice cracks sometimes because my throat is being destroyed from the acid.  Hux said I can try Tums but he doesn’t think that will help- maybe Mylanta?  I also still have the severe hip pains at night.  Its getting worse and now I walk like a cripple when I get out of bed until I’ve been walking for a while.  Now, from time to time, I get shooting pains down my lower back, butt and thighs.  All things I am willing to deal with- trust me- no complaining here.  Other than that all is well in Uterusville.   I love, love, love being pregnant.  While I’m anxious to meet this little dude I will miss the time I’ve had with him all to myself in my belly.  I’m not going to want to share him with the outside world.

3 thoughts on “Happy Happy Joy Joy

  1. First, LOVE Ren and Stimpy. It was an absolutely formative part of my childhood and probably explains why I’m so screwed up now. 🙂
    Second, I had the same major reflux issues and my OB gave me some extra strength Pepcid (20mg) to take initially for a couple days and then I was to take 1 10mg Pepcid every day to keep the reflux at bay. You can find both at any drug store, it’s pregnancy safe. Tums only worked for a couple of hours and then mine came back worse. I ended up throwing up a couple of times in my last trimester and that fucking sucked.

    Glad to see everything is going well!!

  2. He is adorable!!! Its so nice that u get to have 3/4d ultrasounds. They only let me have 1. Meanies. Anyways, glad he’s doing so well. I miss being pregnant terribly! I’m having belly envy lol.

  3. I am so happy for you. I recently found your blog. I used DE and I have a one year old now. After I gave birth I really missed being pregnant! Your blog is very inspiring because I am currently in a frozen cycle with a single embryo. You give me hope that it really can work! Congratulations to you!

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