1st come love, then comes marriage, then comes a baby in a baby carriage?  OK so maybe that wasn’t originally the correct order for us but we are making up for that this weekend.  Saturday is my baby shower and then later that night is our wedding AKA: Shwedding.  What was originally intended to be a super small, no fuss ceremony at our house is quickly spiraling out of control.  It’s supposed to storm throughout the day so say good-bye to having it outside.  We are doing a Jersey style clam bake so I’m sure the smell of seafood will linger in my house for days lol.   I still have no clue what I’m wearing but I have a few dresses to choose from.  Someone suggested that I don’t wear white lol.  With my huge belly I would hardly be trying to claim my virginity so who cares?   Although my child was created in petri dish so I guess I could still play it like a virgin (albeit the Madonna version).  Other than the fact that we will say “I do” there is nothing traditional about this wedding.  I’m completely calm about the whole thing.  Everyone else seems to be stressing out for me, around me but mostly instead of me.  What?  No wedding cake?  You HAVE TO HAVE a wedding cake!  Um, no I need to have A cake, or at least some sort of dessert sans the tripled price tag because they attach the word “wedding” to it.

Random stressor: “If it rains where are you going to have it?

Me: “Inside”

Random stressor: “yeah but where inside?”

Me: “I don’t know- we’ll figure it out”

Random stressor: “yeah but…”

See what I mean.  I’m sure everything will fall into place.  And if it doesn’t- oh well, we will roll with the punches- we are used to it.  The important thing is WE (Jenn and Mike) will be getting married- anything else is irrelevant.  I’m sure my shower will be a lot more thought out and organized than the wedding.   I’m really looking forward to seeing Starr.  I will be a little awkward because I REALLY don’t like people making a fuss over me but I’m sucking it up for my kid.  Not to mention that I’ve been to 1,000 showers in my 40 years and finally its MY turn!  I hope everyone isn’t going to be touching my belly all day.  My belly button is super sensitive lately.  Yes Starr- of course YOU can touch it!

So tomorrow I’m taking a half day to go adopt a cat (that blog will come later) and run my errands/clean the house/food shop, etc.  My father and his wife are coming today and staying with us until Sunday.  Mike’s mother and step father are coming tomorrow and also staying with us until Sunday.  Starr and her sister are staying with us Saturday night.  Do I have enough guest towels?  Monday I’m taking off to run around changing my last name on everything.  I have a jam-packed crazy weekend but really looking forward to good times- a Shwedding beats a funeral any day!



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