Bust Out The Tissues


Hello followers- my apologies for being MIA but things have been a little crazy in Jennville.  Good crazy but still crazy.

I saw this on Facebook today and had to share it with you all.  I don’t have any stretch marks (yet) but the sentiment of this still rings true.  And no doubt I will have a nice little muffin top and pouch once this baby is born.


I hope you can read it.  If not let me know and I will post it as text.

Since I’m logged on and we are talking bellies here is a peek at mine at 32 1/2 weeks…


He tends to hang out on my right side so I’m often lop-sided…


(please ignore my worn out computer wrist pad lol)

I’m now going to Dr. Hux every 2 weeks.  At last week’s appointment we weren’t able to get any pics because Jax was head down and facing away.  Hopefully next week we will have some cute pics to post.  And as of last week- he was 4 1/2 lbs.  Hux said if he grows at the rate that he should then he will be between 8-9 lbs at birth (my vag hurts just typing that).  He said not to bother taking the tags off of any of the newborn clothes I received.  I’m thinking he will weigh slightly less because I just have a feeling I won’t go full term.  My gut is saying I will go into labor within days of having my cerclage removed (tentatively scheduled for June 26- 2 days shy of 37 weeks).

We have a private hospital tour tonight- we missed the one included in our birthing classes because Mike’s dad was in the hospital.  Next week I’m taking a breastfeeding class on Mon and then we are taking an infant CPR class on Wed.  My mom is taking the class with us since I’m sure she will be the one babysitting the most- thanks Mom!

The nursery is done so I will post pics of that soon as well as the shower pics as soon as the flash drive arrives from Starr.  All else is status quo.


2 thoughts on “Bust Out The Tissues

  1. Definitely teared up reading that, and I needed to see it so thank you for posting it! Glad things are still going well, and you have the perfect bump !

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