All Packed And Other Random Updates…


My hospital bag is all packed and ready to go!  Tomorrow I get my cerclage removed and Dr. Hux recommended I bring my hospital bag with me “just in case”.  After that I will be on moderate bed rest for 7 days- not for any reason other than to give him a little more time to cook.   I still can’t believe I’m pregnant let alone having a baby soon.  And by soon I mean hours, days, maybe even a week or 2- yikes!  I have a feeling I will delivery before July 3 but we shall soon see.


I have renamed the baby Optimus Prime because he feels like a Transformer in my belly.  I have never seen or heard of a baby morphing so much.  It’s really starting to hurt.  I feel like he’s digging into my uterus and like in some horror movie his leg will rip out of my side.  It’s pretty freaky to watch.  I was able to get a short video of it about a month ago but its way more pronounced now.


Another new development- I got my 1st pregnancy related hemorrhoid.  I’ve never had one before.  I will spare you all the gory details of how it happened but let’s just say I will be picking up a stool softener on my way home.  I have no knowledge of these little butt creatures.  I’ll have to ask Dr. Hux tomorrow how to treat it.  I Google Imaged it and mine doesn’t look like a little bubble like I saw online.  Mine looks like a rubber band hanging out of my butt- good times!

OK need to change the subject.  I bought a drawer organizer for the nursery…

photo 1

I love how everything has its own compartment- totally falls in line with my OCD.  Although I’m sure once Mike gets his grubby man hands in there it will be all messed up.

If you thought the baby has a lot of clothes I know something he has more of…

photo 2

SOCKS!  Gee I wonder how that happened?  It’s not like a have a sock fetish or anything (insert giggle).  My mom bought some socks and I had to turn them away- I have no more sock space!  Oh the horror!


And finally for the most interesting development.  I know- you are all wondering what could possibly be more interesting than hemorrhoids and socks?  And the answer- limbo style dropage.  I’m not sure if that’s really a word but I woke up to a belly that is A LOT lower than it was when I went to bed.  I think this is Optimus Prime trying to make his escape from my wretched womb.

I will check in tomorrow and let you know what its like to get stitches removed from your cervix- party on!


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