The Stitches Are Out!


Finally my stitches are out.  It happened yesterday but I was too traumatized to write about it.  Like a jackass I Googled what the removal entailed and pretty much vomited in my mouth.  I read some forum posts of other’s accounts of the removal- another big mistake.  Some felt it was nothing more than the discomfort you would feel from a pap smear but others said it was excruciatingly painful.  Great!


The drawings aren’t bad but to see the  real pictures of it being done- blech!

I went in and Dr. Hux was there with the new gynecologist, the US tech, the nurse and Mike- nothing like a crowd.  The speculum was much larger than the car jack they use for a pap smear.  It had 4 expandable sides instead of 2.  It hurt like hell when he put it in.   Keep in mind I got the cerclage at 13 weeks and I’m now 37 and nothing has been in me all this time- I’m like a born again virgin.   Yes, a pregnant born again virgin lol.  I was hoping the speculum insertion would be the worst of it but nooooo.  The further up it went the more painful it was.  It got to the point that I was practically standing in the stirrups trying to back away from the speculum and the pain.  When it was as far as they needed it Dr. Hux clicked it in place and the real pain began.  I have never in my life experienced this type of pain.  When I’ve had cervical biopsies they don’t numb you and I thought that was painful.  Compared to this a biopsy is a piece of cake!   I felt like I was being split in 2 and my insides were being cut out with an old rusty knife.  I knew there was a chance of my cervix starting to grow on the stitches and apparently that happened.  I didn’t cry but I was so dizzy from the pain.  I kept saying “ow, ow, ow”.  Mike was rubbing my head and the US tech was holding my hand.  That poor woman- I’m surprised she didn’t have any broken fingers.  Finally Dr Hux said “We’re done” and held up the stitch.  Mike said, “holy shit!!”  It looked like a guitar string- not like the thin thread I was expecting.  It was thick and long- no wonder this cerclage held up so well.  I felt a rush of fluid pour out of me and I asked, “did my water break or am I peeing?”  Hux said it was just blood and to stay still while they cleaned me up.

I was embarrassed for expressing my pain.  I apologized to everyone but they reassured me that I was actually a trooper and handled it better than most.  I said, “if this is what labor is going to be like I’m definitely going to need an epidural.”  Hux said “you will do fine with labor- its much easier- this is a lot more painful.”  WHAT?????  WTF??!!  Why wasn’t I told that ahead of time and why don’t they give a pain killer or something- not that I would have taken it.  The whole experience only lasted about 10 minutes but it was hands down the most painful 10 minutes of my life.

So they told me I would be bleeding bright red for the rest of the day and then brown spotting for the next few days.  Yesterday I had very minimal bleeding, nothing overnight and literally like 2 spots today.   No cramps or anything but still traumatized from the experience.  Dr. Hux said about 10% of women will go into labor within a few days when the stitches are removed.  The other 90% will go into labor within the remaining weeks.  I guess we will have to wait to see what side of the statistic I fall into.

3 thoughts on “The Stitches Are Out!

  1. I try not to read too much for the same fears you had. I had to have one of those dialation sticks made of seaweed due to our loss and procedure (forget their name, starts w an “L”). Some stories I just about sewed my legs together while others were like a walk in the park. I asked the dr what to expect and what he said was what happened (that would be a 2-0 for doc on telling me how it is 😉 ). I am afraid to ask him anything else because if he says labor is like pulling a horse through a thick terrain with your pinky toes, I’ll be asking for an epidural at the onset of Braxton hicks lol….. (Hopefully the hospital uses the epi that is continual and available up till pushing -while reducing amt- and not a 2 hr “push the button” kind. I need to ask what they do there….)

    Glad that all went well and you are resting now. Hopefully baby is soon -but with just enough time to heal from the trauma of the stitch removal (maybe it will have helped with all the laboribg business ahead).

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