Waiting For My Dumbo…


Knowing that I have a huge closet full of clothes to choose from several people have asked me what outfit I’m going to use to bring Jax home in.  It might sound like a silly question but I actually put a lot of thought and emotional effort into what I decided.  Everyone automatically assumed it would be monkey related but no I’m going with a different animal- the elephant.

If you’ve never seen Dumbo then this thought will be lost on you.  In the movie all the female elephants would wait for the stork to drop them their baby elephant.  Dumbo’s mom (Mrs. Jumbo) was always so sad when no bundle of joy was dropped for her.  As a young child I was able to sympathize with her pain.  As I got older and waited for the stork that sympathy took on a new meaning.

Dumbo infertility pic

Eventually the stork brought Mrs. Jumbo her baby.  He was funny looking and had huge ears.  Mrs. Jumbo was very protective of her baby and loved him immensely regardless of how he looked, what he did or who he was.

I have 2 outfits washed and ready for Jax to come home in.  Both outfits have baby elephants on them.  Expecting him to be big, but not knowing for sure, I have (1) newborn and (1) 0-3 month outfit.  So here I am 38 weeks pregnant just waiting for my Dumbo.

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