Still Preggo


I will be 39 weeks tomorrow.  This kid is showing zero signs of wanting to come out.  He has dug his little claws deep into the walls of my uterus and is there to stay.  I know technically I still have 1 more week but everyone, including the doctor, thought I would go into labor within days of the stitches being removed. Guess Baby Jax is fooling us all.  Meanwhile his living quarters are getting bigger and bigger by the day.

My clothes are starting to not fit me.  There is no way I’m investing more money for bigger shirts if I have worst case 2 weeks left.  Instead I’m going Whiskey Tango and letting the belly slip out the bottom lol.



Those snowflakes were once cute and tiny and now they are a blizzard.  At least the veins match my bra lol.


Here’s a close up of my very painful belly button that now looks like a tit.


This is how I eat my cereal.  Jax doesn’t like being used as a snack tray- he’s flung many plates off his house.


And finally my lovely cankles.  I now officially have Hobbit feet.


The Super Moon is tomorrow- hopefully that will stir things in my womb and make this kid want to crawl out.


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