Where’s Waldo…And My Baby???


Still no baby- UGH!!!!

We went to the doctor on Wednesday hoping he would say we were having the baby an hour later.  Instead we left there with a scheduled induction date.  Originally they said to come in Sunday night at 8pm and they would start the process.  On the way home they called and said they already had 2 inductions scheduled for Sunday night so we have to go in Monday morning at 8am instead.  If I’m not dilated they will start me on Cervidil.   That’s a vaginal suppository that can stay inside me for up to 12 hours to ripen my cervix.  When I’m “ripe enough” they will start the Pitocin.  If I go in and I’m already dilated to a certain point they will skip the Cervidil and go straight to the Pitocin.  It would have been nice to get this party started Sunday night so I could sleep with the Cervidil in and then start the Pitocin in the morning but I guess I just need to roll with it and whatever will be will be.

I’m not looking forward to being induced but thank God we have our doula.  I already know majority of inductions require an epidural because the pain is so intense and there are no breaks or down periods with the contractions.  I also know that with an induction there is a high chance of me needing a c-section.   None of this is in my “plan” but neither was infertility, IVF or donor eggs so once again- roll with it.  And as I’m rolling (apparently down hill without any brakes) I found out at my appointment on Wednesday that Dr. Hux will NOT be the one to deliver the baby.  He hurt his back a few months ago and it’s still not good enough for him to “catch the baby”.  So instead of my beloved Hux it will be his new partner Dr. Patel who will quarterback this kid.  Dr. Patel is very nice and laid back- just like Hux.  When I met him I switched to him as my new gynecologist.  I’ve met him a few times and he was there when my cerclage was removed. I really like him but he’s not Hux- still rolling.  So since we are 1) being induced and 2) having a different Dr. then originally planned it’s making our choice to have a doula way more important than ever.

I’m still holding out a little bit of hope that this child will cooperate and make his way out tonight or in the wee hours of the morning.   I know chances are slim but one can only hope.  At the suggestion of our doula I’ve been pumping every night for 10-15 minutes to stimulate my nipples.  To my surprise I’ve been getting colostrum from each pump.  My left breast produces 1 1/2 to 2 teaspoons and my right breast usually a little over 1 teaspoon.  I’m hoping that’s a sign that I will be a champion milk provider.  Pumping is the weirdest thing ever.  It doesn’t hurt but its a bizarre sensation.   And I had NO IDEA my nipples could be stretched that far.  They look like cocktail wieners being pulled thru the pump cones and stay like that for a minute or 2 after I detach myself.  The body does not stop amazing me.  Hopefully it will amaze me some more tomorrow and I will be holding my little miracle before I know it.

5 thoughts on “Where’s Waldo…And My Baby???

  1. I wish I had started pumping before I was induced. I found out after that being induced can cause your milk to take longer to come in, and mine definitely did. It took a week to get anything measurable out so we were supplementing with formula from about day 2. Induction is crazy. I didn’t feel hardly anything for the first few hours, but I was progressing well. after 4 hours I was 6cm and then suddenly an hour later I was in the worst pain ever, cramping in places I never knew you could feel a contraction (my thighs?? my shoulders?! WTF?!). I wish you the best of luck and that tomorrow night you are holding your little miracle, your little Jax, all perfect and wiggly and wonderful. You deserve it so much.

  2. What???! I was just thinking about you today. I thought you were probably enjoying your new little man and hadn’t had time to update. I hope your induction goes great. (Or that little man will just make his appearance tonight. ;))

  3. I was induced due to low amniotic fluid, and I had the cervadil/ pitocin mix as well. The contractions really do suck, and if you can get through it without an epidural then more power to ya lol. Good luck, and I hope baby decided to come without induction!!

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